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argumentative indicators in discourse a pragma - argumentative indicators a pragma dialectical study identifies and analyses english words and expressions that are crucial for an adequate reconstruction of argumentative discourse, issa proceedings 2014 logical validity bounded - 2 2 structural rules that guarantee a winning strategy provided the conclusion c is a finite statement opp is restricted to a finite number of genuine attacks i e excluding repetitions as we saw above asking pro to commit to complex expressions eventually brings it about that opp asks pro to commit to a literal i e an atom or its negation, issa proceedings 2010 visual tropes and figures as - during the latter part of the 20 th century and in particular during the last two decades advertising has become increasingly visual cf leiss et al 2005 gisbergen et al 2004 pollay 1985 imagery now dominates advertising considering advertising as a kind of argumentation we may ask how we actually argue by means of pictures or more specifically how we argue with ads that are, reglas para una discusi n cr tica scielo org co - traducido de rules for a critical discussion chapter 6 en van eemeren y grootendorst a systematic theory of argumentation the pragma dialectical approach cambridge cambridge university press 2004 pp 123 157, las emociones como efectos de discurso patrick charaudeau - version imprimable introducci n en las ciencias humanas y sociales las emociones son objeto de diversos enfoques que dependen de la especificidad de cada disciplina