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energy policy of the european union wikipedia - energy union the energy union strategy is a project of the european commission to coordinate the transformation of european energy supply it was launched in february 2015 with the aim of providing secure sustainable competitive affordable energy, the history of the european union europa european union - 1945 1959 a peaceful europe the beginnings of cooperation the european union is set up with the aim of ending the frequent and bloody wars between neighbours which culminated in the second world war, topics of the european union europa european union - the eu is active in a wide range of topics from human rights to transport and trade learn more on what the eu does in these areas, epc european policy centre independent think tank - the european policy centre epc is an independent not for profit think tank committed to making european integration work, policy trade european commission - global trade eu trade policy makes sure that europe s trade adapts to a fast changing world we also work with the world trade organization to keep the global economy open and based on fair rules, foreign policy constitutional rights foundation - war and international law america s foreign policy a brief history a central function of the u s government is to conduct relations with the almost 200 other nations in the world, the united kingdom s exit from and new partnership with - policy paper the united kingdom s exit from and new partnership with the european union, congressional research service reports on foreign policy - congressional research service reports on foreign policy and regional affairs policy issues global trends in democracy background u s policy and issues for congress october 17 2018 department of state foreign operations and related programs fy2019 budget and appropriations updated october 1 2018 global trade imbalances crs insight updated september 28 2018, theories of foreign policy international relations - the academic discipline studying international relations ir is often subdivided into two fields systemic international relations which provide for a bird s eye perspective on the international system as a whole and subsystemic foreign policy analysis fpa which zooms in on the, does the european union use its antitrust power for - the european commission s 2001 decision to stop ge s acquisition of honeywell might be the most famous of its several decisions to interfere in mergers of us companies and has prompted some observers to accuse it of seeking to protect european firms from competition, bosnia is teetering on the precipice of a political crisis - a demonstrator waves a bosnian flag as police stand guard while protesters gather in front of a local government building in tuzla in february 2014