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as of apr 2018 this is our top rated page we are using the hifi year book as we have the whole set 1956 1981 to list all interesting amps from these years is the idea not interested in a full list only cherry picking the better ones interesting ones, brick o lore baofeng uv 5r extreme receive modification - there are two components the dsp and mcu chips in the uv 5r that determine the band limits 1 the rda1846 dsp chip is the chip that generates all the transmit and receive functions and it specifies the band limit as follows 134 mhz to 174 mhz 200 mhz to 260 mhz 400 mhz to 500 mhz, hands across the ether overview of selected radios - in our own home we had a circa 1956 rca orthophonic model shf 8 phonograph it had a contemporary dark wood cabinet and was supported by thin tapered metal legs that were fashionable in the decorative arts such as interior and furniture design see photo, tuner information center sony tuners - reviews and photos of vintage stereo tuners including kenwood sansui pioneer mcintosh yamaha accuphase onkyo denon rotel technics tandberg magnum dynalab, the pre war hammarlund super pro radioblvd - 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