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notice bunker of doom and bunkerofdoom com are not in any way affiliated with other similarly named sites if it s not dot com then it s not ours there is only one original and true bunker of doom and it is here at bunkerofdoom com we continue to offer the finest and most obscure classical electronics information we can find and recent items of possible interest, pictures of taig lathe the taig lathe and milling machine - making clamps for the taig mill 1 2 from the end of a length of 1 2 x1 4 crs bar mark centers 1 apart could be 3 4 or any distance you like centerpunch the marks for drilling no great precision is required here, rigpix database schematics manuals n stuff - back to main last modified 2019 01 03 all documents are in english unless otherwise stated model document s icom, 12 years ago today steve jobs introduced the iphone imore - on january 9 2007 steve jobs put sneaker to stage for what was the most incredible keynote presentations of his life a life filled with incredible keynote presentations and in the history of consumer electronics the company had been working for over two years on the purple experience project, the ohiou edu domain has been decommissioned ohio university - 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